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Here’s a list of the most commonly asked questions and answers we receive:


  • Kings – $200 for mattress only ($350 with a box spring)
  • Queens – $110 for mattress only ($185 with a box spring)
  • Full – $100 for mattress only ($160 with a box spring)
  • Twin – $80 for mattress only ($140 with a box spring)
Headboards & Bed Sets:
  • Queens - $200
  • Kings - $250
  • Full - $175
  • Twin - $150
Yes, we do! The majority of places are a $50 delivery charge. Most often, it can be done the same day (depending on what time you come in).
  • Youngsville - $40
  • Lafayette/Abbeville/Scott/Maurice - $65
  • New Iberia/Rayne/Carencro/Saint Martinsville - $70
  • Breaux Bridge/Kaplan - $75
  • Crowley/Opelousas - $75
  • Baton Rouge - $100
Usually, we can deliver that same day, if not the next day. Delivery availability depends on a few factors, such as appropriate man power, working transportation, & permitting weather. Upstairs deliveries & any king size mattress requires an additional delivery guy.
Our policy is to not deliver while it's raining. Deliveries will be pushed back until conditions are safer & more optimal.
Yes, we will certainly help put the box spring & mattress on your bed frame, provided there is not excessive items in the way.
Yes, we sure do! It's not normally something people ask for, but upon request we can & will accommodate your needs.
Customers can leave the mattress in the plastic and sleep on it for 3-7 nights, the mattress can be exchanged for another mattress of equal or greater value.
Cash, Debit, Credit Card, & Financing. We do not accept checks.
Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm & 10am - 3pm Saturday
Yes. Unfortunately, it currently is the law & we have to abide by it. You may not be at risk, but I assure you, many of our customers are among the high risk population. Let's help keep them safe!
All of our mattresses are brand new, direct from the manufacturer, and still in original plastic.
All of our mattresses are covered by a minimum of a 30 day warranty up to 10 year warranty.
While we do not stock California kings, we can order any mattress you choose in a Cali king size at the same price of a regular king, and have it here in about 7 days.
A set refers to the combination of a mattress and a box spring.
Yes! That is not a problem at all. We will hold your mattress for as long as you need!
Great question! Read more about our financing by clicking here or go to the following link to fill out an application: https://snapfinance.com/snap-merchants/mattress-doctor-lafayette/490234922.
Problems happen! That's OKAY though, we are prepared. In the event of a warranty claim, we would ask for pictures of the mattress without sheets or covers on it. Then, we will discuss terms of exchange. We like to handle warranty claims in house, without sending you to deal with the manufacturers. If the problem lays within consumer taste & not an issue of quality, we still CAN help in most cases! Provided the mattress has not been used for a long period of time & there are no visible stains, exchanges can be made at the owners discretion.
The person who you referred needs to bring in a referral voucher form when they come to purchase. Once we've received it, we will file it into our system under your name & the next time you shop with us, it will be ready to use!
Yes! 10% citizens discounts apply to all Military, Veterans, Police, Educators, First Responders, Firemen, Government Officials, Local MMA fighters, and Friend of Bill W.
Yes. Our hours may vary during Holidays at the owners discretion. Any changes will be broadcasted on our Facebook page & be reflected in updated listings on Google & Facebook.
Yes! That is not an issue, you don't need to be present or even to provide paperwork upon arrival.
Our staff is more than happy to secure the mattress to your vehicle, provided you complete a liability waiver.
  • We provide complimentary twine for securing the load. Our staff would be happy to tie it to your vehicle, however we do require you to fill out a liability waiver.
  • We always recommend you bring your own straps & an appropriate vehicle for transportation.
  • Our staff is experienced in securing loads & will only secure things that have the safest outcome.
  • We are not responsible for the load when you leave our property, by law it is the driver's responsibility to secure their load. We only provide twine as a last resort, it is by no means the safest or our recommended means of securing loads. Straps are always best.
None of our mattresses are used, everything is brand new in the original plastic with full manufacturer's warranty.
Yes! We believe strongly in giving back & we do as much of it as possible, but we can't always give away brand new mattresses as we've hit our limit. Occasionally, we get gently used mattresses from customers houses, which we donate to those in need. Those mattresses are stored in a designated area & wrapped in plastic, kept away from all new merchandise. If you or someone you know has fallen upon hard times & is in need of a free gently used mattress, give us a call to see if we have any in stock. If we don't, you can put in a request & we will call you as soon as we get one.
The answer all depends on you & your personal preference! Stop by our showroom so our specialists can give you their best recommendation. Visit the following link to see the Doctor's official recommendation: http://mattresseslafayette.com/the-doctors-recommendation/ If you still have further questions, come on down to our showroom & we will give you face to face recommendations!
This is a popular question, but a simple one. (And, one of our favorites to answer!)
  • Extremely low overhead! Instead of paying $5,000 - $8,000 a month in rent, we actually own the building & land were on. Our prices are so good, people are willing to travel off the beaten pathway to find us. Being located in a popular area of town, is not important to us.
  • Our staff is stripped to the bare essentials & optimized to benefit your needs. We do pay our staff well, because we find this way they ACTUALLY CARE! Non-commissioned salesmen don't care if you come or go. Commissioned salesmen can be pushy & only want you to buy higher end items. With us, everything is done in house; by our owners & salesmen, this includes from our marketing, web & graphics design, bookkeeping, customer service, mattress deliveries & exchanges, 18 wheeler truck unloading, non-profit charitable work, staying open 7 days a week, and more! All of this is done by a staff of only 3 full time employees (as of 10/12/2020), which we think, is pretty impressive. Many of our competitors will often have 40-50 people on their staff, that's way too many people! By keeping a small work force, our customer satisfaction & relation levels are SKY high versus our competitors.
  • No corporate overhead! Chain mattress stores have to pay royalties to corporate entities, they are almost never paying the absolute lowest cost offered by the manufacturer. Places such as BoxDrop, Mattress By Appointment, Mattress Firm, Sleep Number, & others all have to adhere to paying royalties to the corporations above them, which means higher prices for you! Not to mention, they are often forced to sell above MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) and cannot drop below it, while we can drop far below that.
  • Every product is purchased directly through the manufacturer. There is NO middle men. Your mattress ships in on the manufacturers 18 wheeler, gets handed to our salesmen, and then directly back to you!
  • Mattress Doctor is a member of a buyers group which gets the best wholesale prices. We are hundreds of dealers across the country, to negotiate the best rates on purchasing wholesale bedding. Even though, my competitors may have 1000s of stores across the country, they are STILL paying what we are.
  • We specialize in finding & hand selecting the BEST value name brand mattresses. You may have not heard of many of the brands we carry, that's because we've searched the entire industry & came up with our selection of the BEST bang for your buck mattress manufacturers, which we are willing to put our word & reputation behind. Often times, the most famous mattress brands aren't actually the best & will have LOWER VALUE & will COST MORE, due to having a name you have heard of!
  • Low budget marketing & advertising / word of mouth referrals. Our business model & products are SO GOOD, that chances are a friend or family member told you about us. TV/radio are SO expensive, it's NEARLY a complete waste of money, old fashion marketing tactics like this do work, however they are very very expensive & over priced.
  1. Rotate your mattress once every 30 days.
  2. Always use a mattress protector.
  3. Avoid spilling any liquid directly onto the fabric of the mattress. Liquids which aren't properly dried will turn into mold, fast.
  4. If possible, flip your mattress regularly.
  5. Make certain your foundation is solid & capable of holding the needed weight.
On any adjustable base purchase, we offer commentary installation & setup. Headboards/bed frames do not come with free setup, however for an additional fee of $50, we will accommodate your needs.
While there isn't a one size fits all answer, the average lifespan of a mattress is 5-10 years. However, we have had many customers use their mattress for 30+ years without any real issues. Our advice is if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If you are currently sleeping great, there isn't a true need to swap it out. However, if it's giving you problems sleeping or back/neck pain, then it's certainly time to make the change.
Maybe, Yes... Maybe, No!
  • If the box spring is in good shape and has a few years left in it, then sure.
  • However, if the box spring is broken/defective, it's very possible it could ruin the entire mattress. This would not be covered under warranty.
Yes. Unfortunately, many people do not realize this fact, which is standard throughout the entire industry. We recommend every customer to purchase & use a mattress protector for this very reason.
Yes, absolutely! We have no issues staying open later or coming in earlier, you would just need to let us know in advance!
Currently, we are not hiring, however if & when a position opens it will be listed in our 'Job Opportunities' page. If you do not see a job opportunities page on our website currently, that's because we aren't at this time. It will become visible when a position opens up! The next position will likely open up sometime after February-March, 2021.
No. Unfortunately, this would invalidate your warranty. If that doesn't matter to you, then by all means take the tag off, it's your mattress!
The warranty is usually a pro-rated warranty against manufacturing defects. Dips & impressions larger than 1.5" are considered a defect.
99% of the time, this is due to a broken/defective box spring. Replacing the box will solve this issue. If the box spring was purchased through us, it's over by a 30 day in house warranty. Rarely, it's caused by a defect in materials at time of manufacturing. In this event, it would be covered under warranty.
This will have no impact on how the mattress sleeps or the level of support the box spring provides. It's mostly a cosmetic issue. The biggest drawback is that dust & debris can now get trapped underneath the box spring.
Often, customers encounter this issue and don't know why. The vast majority of the time, the mattress simply is brand new & has not been through a break in period. It's said you should give a mattress 30-60 days of use, to properly break it in, before making your final decision.
Certain models are called Crazy Quilts, meaning the manufacturer uses whatever materials are leftover in the machine, at the time of manufacturing. The purpose is to save the manufacturer extra money, which in turn is why the item costs less than others. However, the inside construction of the mattress & feel will remain the same. Other models may be updated as the discretion of the manufacturer, to a newer updated design/pattern. This should not effect the feel.


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