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Giving back to our community is one of the great prides and joys of our lives. It’s our duty to share our success with our neighbors, because after all, we are in this TOGETHER!

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Free Mattress, Pillow, Sheet, Furniture, & Headboard Giveaway Raffle

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NOTE: Mattress Doctor chooses winners of contests at random, selection is based off an equal and unbiased algorithm.

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  • May 5th – Donated 12 mattresses to organization dealing with multiple individuals in desperate need.
  • July 10th – Donated 1 twin mattress to struggling mother of 5.
  • September 29th – Gave 3 mattresses to victim of house fire.
  • October 3rd – Organized & collected 2 truckloads of relief supplies for Lake Charles.
  • October 5th – Donated 8 mattresses to hurricane Laura victims in Lake Charles.
  • October 9th – Donated 1 twin mattress & box spring to victim of hurricane Laura, whom had to relocated to Lafayette from Sulphur.
  • Mid 2019 – SMILE Community Action
  • September, 2020 – Lighthouse Baptist Church Missions (Facebook)
  • October, 2020 – Beacon Connections

Organizations previously worked with:

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Submit an idea for a new charitable contribution to the Mattress Doctor and we will consider doing it. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to give back and make a greater impact.’

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