Mattress Industry Prices Continue to Increase as Springs, Wood, & Foam Material Prices Rise: (Real Coronavirus Economics & Effects Current Day

We’ve Seen a Price Increase of 35-40%+for 2020-2021

This is nothing you will be available to avoid, every retailer is struggling as price increases are often occurring weekly. As a consumer, you should change your budgeting strategies, efforts, and end goals to reflect the modern market.


What’s next for the industry?

Our guess is prices will continue to increase for the next 3-6 months, hopefully prices will cease bleeding within 12 months at maximum. Then, the manufacturing industry can recover and get back on track, however, I doubt this will come to pass.

When Will Cost of Springs, Wood, Shipping, etc. Expected to Stop?

Where to focus your financial investments, physical labor, and other resources for long term company growth?

Low budget advertising that is effective and does not cost more than it’s worth. Update and upgrade your website. Make buying easier than ever from you. Continue managing your reputation like no tomorrow. Look at investing in other businesses, industries, and external ventures.


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Mattress players say supply side ‘upside down’



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