How Mattresses Could Help Solve World Hunger

BBC reports that Syrian refugees living in Jordan camp Zaatari are hard at work with University of Sheffield scientists & the UN Refugee Agency to create a method to grow healthy, fresh foods with just water and old mattress foam!

These ‘recycled gardens’ use the mattresses in place of the soil, which solves two problems in one: It reuses the mountain of plastic mattresses that have piled up in the camp and it allows everyone to grow fresh food in a crowded, desert environment.

Victoria Gill has been to the camp in Jordan to see how it’s working.


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The Desert Garden Appeal: Secure the future of the Desert Garden

  • The Desert Garden project born out of innovative Sheffield science is giving families displaced by war the opportunity to grow fresh food in the desert using the most unlikely of materials – discarded mattresses. But time is running out. Without your help, the Desert Garden project will end. Will you help secure its future? Find out how you can help.

How Mattresses Could Help Solve World Hunger


  • Video was filmed & edited by Stephen Fildes, production by Vanessa Clarke, published by BBC news.


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