What Mattresses are Better for Heavier People

What Mattresses are Better for Heavier People?

In order to experience a successful shopping experience when seeking to purchase a mattress, you must consider your body and your individual needs.

This is especially true if you are a plus-sized shopper or shopping for a plus-sized individual. Heavier people have special needs – in terms of comfort and support.

  • Being that optimal sleep is a vital component to the overall health and the general wellness of an individual, a mattress built to support a person is critical to ensure optimal health.
  • In this guide, you will be provided comprehensive information that will equip you with the knowledge to making a productive mattress purchase for individuals that weigh a bit more than average.

How to Find and Buy the Right Mattress for Heavy People

Mattress Buying Guide Video produced by Consumer Reports

What are the Most Common Issues for the Plus-Sized Sleeper?

We all know and understand that there are several unique obstacles that result in complications in terms of getting a good night’s sleep. When a person has a larger-than-average build, new issues arise that could impact the quality of sleep experienced.


There are several unique issues that may occur for heavier people seeking to get a good night’s sleep and/or embarking on a journey to discover the best mattress for their needs.

These include – but, are not at all limited to – the following:

  1. The current mattress does not offer the proper support for the build of the body; therefore, resulting in the development of aches and pain throughout the body.
  2. Mattresses may not be constructed to offer the resiliency and durability that is required to support heavier weights.
  3. Previously purchased mattresses may not exhibit a high level of longevity due to the fact that they are unable to successfully support additional weight for prolonged periods of time.
  4. Most standard mattresses are not designed to offer a high level of breathability; therefore, heavier individuals may find themselves unable to experience a comfortable night’s sleep due to the fact that they may become a bit warmer on these products.
  5. Individuals that specialize in the sale of mattresses may be insensitive or lack the knowledge that pertains to a consumer who is plus-sized, in terms of their unique needs or the wants that they have when it comes to a mattress.


Mattress Construction is the Key for Heavier Sleepers

When evaluating mattresses for a plus-sized sleeper, there is one thing that you will notice – nearly no mattress on the market advertises the fact that it is designed for a heavier sleeper. The good news is, there are ways to discover if a mattress will fulfill the needs of a heavier sleeper. You must simply evaluate the construction of the product.

Wellsville Latex 14 Inch Hybrid Gel Memory Foam Wrapped Pocketed Coils Mattress

The following outlines construction details that you should be in search of when searching the market for the perfect mattress:

Pocketed Coil Systems – Heavier sleepers require a higher level of support. A pocketed coil system is designed so that the center coils are taller than standard coils.

  • This not only helps support additional weight, but it also prevents sagging in the mattress from occurring.
  • Pocketed coils have a standard width all the way through. This means that each coil works independently to ensure that the mattress retains its overall strength.
  • Pocketed coil mattresses are designed to distribute weight in an even fashion, which reduces strain on the back, hips, and the pressure points of the body.


Read the following article to learn the difference between pocketed coil systems and traditional systems: https://www.mobilemattress.com.au/blogs/under-the-covers/the-differences-between-pocketed-coil-mattresses-and-other-spring-types


Mattress Coil Types EXPLAINED by GoodBed.com:
Foam and/or Latex Layering Systems – Mattresses that include foam and/or latex layering systems are considered to be ideal for the plus-sized sleeper.

  • This construction technology offers a high level in edge support.
  • Additionally, it aids in motion isolation.
  • The layering system helps to reduce the amount of body impressions that occur; therefore, easing pressure on the joints.
  • Latex materials are similar to rubber, they are extremely resiliant and durable, which provides a very supportive and consistent feel day after day.
  • One of our oldest products and a long time customer favorite is the Wellsville latex hybrid mattress, it’s a beauty. Stop by our showroom and try it out if you have the opportunity to do so!


Micro-Coil Systems – Breathability is a very important factor when it comes to a good night’s sleep.

  • Heavier individuals tend to become warmer through the night if they do not have a mattress that is able to properly ventilate heat. In turn, the quality of sleep is drastically reduced.
  • By choosing a mattress that has a micro-coil system, ventilation is significantly enhanced.
  • Additionally, these systems are designed to enhance the contouring of the mattress against the body, which provides a boost to overall comfort.
  • One of Mattress Doctor’s favorite model with this feature is the Invigorate Super Pillowotop Mattress, it features a pocketed coil and micro-coil system built in.

Invigorate Mattress Micro-Coil Pocketed Coils Build Layers

Cooling Panels – There on mattresses on the market today that include top-layer cooling panels.

  • These are ideal for plus-sized sleepers that find that they have an issue with climate control during sleeping.
  • These panels include specially-designed materials that are designed to activate upon being touched or laid upon.
  • When contact is made, immediate coolness is felt. This smart technology is designed to uniquely respond to the dynamics of the body.
  • It draws heat out and immediately away from the body and also immediately adjusts to the temperature of the skin.

Chill Mattress Cooling Supportive Construction Layers

Compressional Support Features – Being that most mattresses are designed for average-sized consumers, excessive sinkage is a common issue among heavy sleepers.

  • While memory foam is a productive measure for the average sleeper, it is not considered ideal for those that are above-average weights.
  • Deep levels of compressional support are ideal; therefore, mattresses that include compressional support features are the highest-rated among plus-sized sleepers.
  • These systems integrate transitional layers and are combined with foams that are high in density to provide the absolute best level of pressure relief on the body.
  • Additionally, this type of system resists sagging from occurring.
  • Convoluted foam is typically integrated in this type of system, which helps optimize air flow while sleeping.

Compressional Mattresses Support System

Final Thoughts

Choosing a mattress is a very personal pursuit. It simply cannot be made on appearance, reputation, or size – although you may consider all of those factors when making your purchase. If you are a plus-sized sleeper, it is imperative that you consider the actual construction of the product. In this guide, you have been introduced to several features that will support your build, enhance your comfort, and ensure high-quality rest and relaxation.


Examples include foam and/or latex layering systems, micro-coil units, and features that aid in compressional support. While it is likely not necessary to purchase a mattress with all of these construction features, you should only lean towards products that include these or similar components. In doing so, you will boost your comfort, your health, and your overall well-being.

Mattress Micro Coil Layer Consruction Made for Contouring to Heavier Persons

Mattress Micro Coil Layer Consruction with Individually Wrapped Pocketed Coils

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