Why Use Sleep Masks? It Could Actually SAVE Your Life AND Reduce Depression!

From my experience interviewing customers, I would estimate around 80-90% of people have NEVER used a sleep mask. On the flip side, an estimated 80-90% of those who have used one, LOVE it!

Seriously, ya’ll are missing out on a better quality sleeping experience & ultimately a higher quality of living. Sleep masks are DIRT CHEAP, so I know you can afford one!
– Mattress Mike

Ultimate Guide to Sleep Masks

Can a sleep mask save your life?

YES! Sleep masks could extend your life span, as total darkness will allow your body to secrete maximum melatonin. Melatonin is a vital antioxidant to protect DNA from aging, exposure to cancer causing chemicals, or harmful rays from the sun may cause.damage. People whom are deficient in melatonin are at increased risk of deadly diseases. Protecting your DNA is very important, as damages can potentially cause cancer.

A sleep mask can do wonders for your mental health, INCLUDING decrease depression symptoms!

A longitudinal study, using over 800 Japanese adults, has also indicated that getting shut eye in complete darkness does in fact reduce depression.

In the experiment, those individuals who saw more than 5 lux during the night turned out to be more likely to gain symptoms of depression, as compared to those sleeping in total darkness.

A survey by the Great British Sleep in 2015 found that the top five physical factors that affect sleep are:

  • Bodily Discomfort: 67%
  • Noise: 36%
  • Partner: 34%
  • Room Temperature: 34%
  • Light Levels: 19%

According to a Harvard study, the risks of sleeping with light at night include:

  • Mood disorders.
  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Increased risk of obesity and diabetes.
  • Potential development of breast or prostate cancer.

Additional Sleep Mask Benefits:

  1. Increased relaxation which in turn promotes increased seratonin, a chemical that helps to regulate sleep. Weighted sleep masks can further increase this effect using something called ‘deep touch pressure‘.
  2. Fall asleep faster! Research has shown using sleeping masks will reduce the length of time spent laying awake, according to a sleep study by London’s Royal Brompton Hospital Centre for Sleep by Dr. Alanna Hare.
  3. Blocks out blue light that is generated from electronic devices such as smart phone, TV, alarm clock, etc. Recent research has shown to be harmful.
  4. Certain types of sleep masks may improve your skin, such as satin or silk materials. Silk additionally helps regulate temperature & control moisture while you sleep.
  5. Perfect for traveling! It can be difficult to get quality sleep while you are out in the daylight, however with a sleep mask you can bring the darkness with you. Overcoming jet lag is made quicker as well.

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  • Alternatively, you may purchase sleep masks online on Amazon or any other major retailer.
  • Additional physical locations may include Walmart or Target.
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