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Thinking of Buying a Used Mattress in the Lafayette Area? Think Again!

Stop! Stop scrolling through used mattress ads now! If your browsing through Craigslist, LetGo, Offer Up, or Facebook Marketplace, you have to realize one thing: It’s REALLY not worth it. Buying a used mattress is like playing Russian roulette, you may shoot yourself in the face! You MAY save a tiny amount of money in the short-term, but the truth is that likely you will pay for it in ways you can’t (or don’t want to) imagine.

  • Louisiana is not known for being among the cleanest places in America. In fact, this is likely the WORST state for you to attempt to buy a used set, unfortunately. Cajuns are not the cleanest of people, therefor, neither are the mattresses they own.

You’ve got no idea the type of wear & tear the mattress has seen.

Mattresses can’t be judged by its cover. Even though, a mattress may appear to be clean, that does not guarantee it is in good condition. Worn out foam and structural materials are nearly impossible to detect via sight. Stains that show up only under a black light, may not be visible to the natural eye.

Bed bugs are a real thing.

Bed bug infestations can and will spread to all of the furniture & bedding in your house. You could lose all of your valuable household items. Not to mention, no environment or socioeconomic class is immune to them. Medical bills are often another economical consequence of bed bugs.

No warranty / return policy.

Often, a mattress requires to be slept on, in order to know if it is in good condition or not. In the event you are unhappy, it’s likely you won’t be able to get your money back.

Outdated materials & technology.

Mattresses continue to evolve over the years, like any other technology. It’s similar to purchasing an older model car, it simply will not have up to date materials and features.

You can find affordable new mattresses.

We know; we have a the most affordable mattress selection in Lafayette, Youngsville, Broussard, Carencro, Scott, Duson, Abbeville, Maurice, Breaux Bridge, Saint Martinville, New Iberia, and greater Acadiana area. Check our web specials and subscribe to our newsletter to get access to amazing new mattress deals & discounts, and stop by our showroom to find out exactly what model will best fit your sleep needs & budget.

We offer easy hassle free financing and layaway options and affordable same day delivery. Our company is making it easier than ever to stop any reason to purchase a used mattress, it’s simply not worth it!

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